Welcome to Integrative Relational Energetics (IRE)

IRE offers complementary and alternative treatments and modalities. All work is integrative with any other treatment you may be receiving. We do not offer medical advice or treatments and our work is not a substitute for medical care. We will be happy to consult with your medical team about our approach. Please read the disclaimer prior to entering the site.

imagePlease explore our site,
Come in for a session or a class and
Allow us to help in resolving stuck places, sorrow and trauma
Explore the possibilities of greater joys and creativity.

Embark on one of our Paths for Individuals

   Restorative - Reclaim your vitality and begin to enjoy your life
   Transformative - Discover and manifest your life's purpose.

We create individualized treatment plans to help you claim the life you desire. Among the tools we use are:
  • Energy Psychology
  • Energy Medicine
  • BioMagenetic Therapy
  • Emotional Release Bodywork, including Rosen Method
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Holistic Psychotherapy.

Become a Practitioner of the Healing Arts

We offer classes towards professional certification in:
  • ThetaHealing
  • BYL (Birth Your Life Energetic Healing)
  • TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique).

For Everyone:
We offer groups supporting your health and well-being at our office or yours.

***IRE offers a safe space to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration status, religious beliefs, gender identification, sexual orientation, political ideology, disabilities, income, height, weight, clothing style, preferred breakfast food, preferred method of transportation, level of cleanliness and organization of your home, favorite color, or any other way that causes some folks to experience you as different or other.

What Is Special About IRE

imageIn order to assist you to increased health and well-being:
- We have numerous healing tools to offer you
- We have offices in Oakland, CA, and Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, SC.
- We are available in person, via telephone and Skype.

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