The following are some comments from IRE students and clients.

ThetaHealing Classes

I feel that I have reclaimed my life and my soul's purpose. And I felt very supported and nurtured in the process.
AB - Concord, CA

I experienced a healing of my soul in these classes [ThetaHealing Basics, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance], in addition to becoming a ThetaHealing practitioner.
CBB - Oakland, CA

ThetaHealing Sessions

I was totally surprised by what came up, how quickly it came up and how easy and "efficient" the ThetaHealing process seems to be. We cleared deep beliefs that have been organizing my life and I was not even conscious of them. What a relief to let those go!
NR - San Francisco, CA

TAT sessions

After learning TAT, I use it in my daily life as to reduce overwhelm, reinforce courage and determination. It has empowered me, I am more focused at my work and recently received a promotion.
DBR - San Mateo, CA

TAT is so simply profound that it totally changed my outlook on a problem and I could see things differently in one session.
ABC - Hayward, CA

A few months ago, I was very ill, with painful shingles, deeply fatigued and unusually depressed. Normally, I can move through depressed moods but this time, coupled with illness, I was not able to shake it. A friend of mine noticed and suggested that I have Paula do BioMagnetic healing. I had no idea what BioMagnetic healing was. My friend said she could do it long distance and I did not even have to go to the office. After the first session, I started to get some energy back. After the second session, the depression simply lifted and I had no more pain. After the third session, the treatment stabilized and I have not had symptoms again that are severe. I am really amazed just how swiftly I got better. Paula is truly a healer, a modern day Shaman, full of wisdom, intuition and insight.
BC - Berkeley, CA

Biomagnetism quickly became a necessary component of my healing journey. I love how it compliments the other healing modalities I’m actively involved with such as ThetaHealing and yoga, as it brings my whole body back into balance. Almost immediately upon completion of a recent distance Biomagnetism session, I felt this incredible calm wash over me. My body and spirit felt back in alignment in a way that it hadn’t in months. I am so grateful for this powerful and magical method of healing!
TB - Walnut Creek, CA

I just feel better all over. Lighter. Balanced. More organized. The world looks brighter.
VLK - Hayward, CA

Energizing Groups

That was FUN! I feel alive!
And I learned some fun and easy ways to take care of myself when I am stressed.
And I got some tools that I can share with my stressed friends.
JA - Concord, CA

Individual Work - Tailored to Each Client

Working with Paula, during several phases of transitions, has changed my life. She has helped me make significant shifts in loving myself more, feeling empowered to make choices that work for my good, and letting go of old habits and patterns that are no longer stopping me from moving forward in my life.
Paula's method of bodywork helped me access areas of my life and emotions in need of care that I was not able to reach in traditional talk therapy. For anyone who is transitioning or working through challenges, Paula can help you do this with grace, ease and even joy.
AJ, pastor, SF Peninsula

Transformational Coaching

When I was stuck and needing to not only move forward with my vision for my life but needed help to hone that vision I hired Paula to be my coach.
The word “transformational’” doesn’t fully capture my experience. I was Inspired, fully seen and heard, deeply supported; and her guidance is given with integrity, humor and wisdom. Paula’s work has birthed me to a new freedom in my work and life; she is affirming and challenging in a way that moved me forward to embrace all of the gifts I knew I had deep inside.
I am not a very organized person – she kept me on track in a way that empowered me to drop the old script that I was disorganized and couldn’t “get it together.” Paula’s guidance and coaching moved me beyond what I envisioned to embrace a deeper, more enriching and joyful way of working and living. It was filled with grace. She is magical, a gem among coaches.
SRF - Oakland, CA